Vapor API Framework (v1.1) - Minor Release

Vapor API Release Minor Published : 05/03/2013

A minor update to the Vapor API framework (v1.1) is now available to download. This minor release features some small bug fixes discussed briefly below.

What's Changed in Vapor API v1.1

  • NullPointerException fixed that arose when $.act() attempted to compare the old context with a new context. When the old context was set to null an error was thrown. This has now been resolved.
  • NullPointerException fixed when the implicit VaporActivity service bindings collection was set to null prematurely. This has now been resolved.
  • The Anim.FILL_AFTER default is now true. This means the properties of a View will automatically stick after an animation, not revert. Some developers noticed that the position of View components would revert after being set in the VaporActivity.VIEW_READY hook. This was caused by Anim.FILL_AFTER being false in Vapor API v1.0.
  • The View animations .fadeIn(...) and .fadeOut(...) now set the visibility of the incident View accordingly.
  • Other minor improvements to the performance of Vapor API as a whole.

Thank you to the growing Vapor API community of developers for helping to point these issues out. All of your feedback is much appreciated so please get in touch here.

The Vapor API Team